Hey all, my name is Charlie Crown and I’m looking to raise 2.5 ETH to fund the release of my next single called ‘Just Say It’ featuring my talented friend and artist Helen Tess.

First, a little about me…

Hi, my name is Carlos. I’m Colombian and I’ve been making music since I was 13 (I turned 31 this year). I got started by making beats for rappers in my country as well as for myself; yes, I tried to become a rapper but failed miserably. I was 18 when I decided rapping and free-styling wasn’t one of my strong suits. Good call on my end :)

After graduating college, I decided to give music (my love and passion) a fair shot and devote 100% of my energy and time to it. I have to admit, this wasn’t an easy conversation to have with my parents, but I got their support.

Looking back, it was the best decision I ever made.

After my wise break up with my short lived hip-hop career, I discovered dance music through a Ministry Of Sound compilation I found on the internet, and I’ve been making electronic music ever since.

For years I released music under the name ‘Flapo’ before launching the ‘Charlie Crown’ project in late 2018. What inspired the new project? Basically a need to explore and experiment with new sounds and genres, while embracing the thrill and challenge of starting a project from scratch.

Fast forward, I found a new passion at the intersection of technology, music, art and community, a.k.a creator economy. Web3 and crypto caught my heart and now I’m here, curiously exploring and experimenting - just how I’ve done throughout my entire life - and trying my best to create, build, contribute and collaborate in ways I never in a million years would’ve imagined. I like to think we are living through the greatest time in history to be an independent artist, things like this have never been possible before and I’m really happy that I get to be part of it.

Let’s build the future!


The Mechanics (How it works)

  • Funds will be used to finance the release and promotion of my single ‘Just Say It’ featuring Helen Tess.
  • The crowdfund has a soft cap of 2.5 ETH and a hard cap of 4 ETH.
  • Backers get $SAYIT tokens in exchange for the ETH sent. 0.1 ETH = 100 $SAYIT.
  • I retain 0% of the $SAYIT token supply. You own it all.
  • 3 ‘Just Say It’ NFTs will be minted and auctioned via Catalog, Foundation and Glass.
  • When the NFTs are sold, ETH will accrue back to the crowdfund contract.
  • $SAYIT tokens can be burned/redeemed for underlying ETH in the crowdfund contract after auctions are finished.
  • Limited edition NFTs will be airdropped to backers for every streaming milestone hit (100k, 500k and 1M streams).
  • Backers will be able to claim 1 NFT as a thank you gift after goal is hit.
  • A snapshot of backers will be taken after crowdfund is closed. You’ll then be able to claim a POAP for being an early supporter of the Charlie Crown Project. These badges will have future utility.
  • All backers will have special roles on Discord that grant access to exclusive channels, content, future airdrops, plus many future perks.
  • All payments will be made public through an exclusive discord channel for transparency.
  • All funds will be custodied in a brand new wallet/address from where all payments will be made.

* Address disclosed in ‘Use Of Funds’ section below.

P.S: You might be an early receiver of the Charlie Crown community token once it becomes a reality. Currently under development.


The ‘Just Say It’ NFTs

Part of the budget will be allocated to the creation and minting of 3 1/1 NFTs. The first one is going to be the song itself in .wav format + artwork minted on Catalog (like a digital vinyl), the second one is going to be a variation of the artwork minted on Foundation and the third will be a 1/1 of the video via Glass. These 3 NFTs are going to be auctioned and 90% of all the proceeds will be routed back to the crowdfund contract, leaving the remaining 10% to the creators. After the sale, you’ll be able to redeem your share of the ETH by burning your $SAYIT tokens. Don’t worry, this will all happen on Mirror.

Additionally, I’m setting up airdrops for backers tied directly to the success of the song. That means that for every milestone we hit, you get a new NFT sent to your wallet. There’s a total of 3 milestones, that means 3 totally new limited edition NFTs, here they are:

Milestone #1: 100,000 streams on Spotify
Milestone #2: 500,000 streams on Spotify
Milestone #3: 1,000,000 streams on Spotify

I cannot guarantee that these NFTs are going to sell for an amount that’s going to make you profit, but I think it’s a great way to say thanks, give back to the community and create a slight chance for you to profit from this crowdfund. You never know who’s going to collect these NFTs.

Finally, as mentioned above briefly, you’ll be able to claim one extra NFT as a thank you for contributing the this crowdfund, one of the building blocks of our future together.

Be Part Of The Experiment

I want to give back to the community as much as possible, that’s why besides the NFT sales going back to the crowdfund, there’s going to be special access and perks to the $SAYIT token holders. We are running a token gated experiment thanks to my friends over at the Glass Protocol.

In the section below called ‘Use of Funds’, there’s an item called ‘animated lyric video’. This video is going to be token gated and available for streaming exclusively on the Glass Protocol for a period of 2 weeks, meaning that only $SAYIT holders will be able to access the video.

But it doesn’t end there, possibilities are endless in web3.

Every token holder will be able to claim their ‘Supporter’ role on Discord which will grant access to private channels, future airdrops, exclusive content and even the chance to listen to my music before it’s released. Additionally, after the crowdfund is finished, you’ll be able to claim you POAP.

* In the future, you’ll be entitled to claim/receive the Charlie Crown community token once it’s created, granting automatic membership to the community. This is still down the road, but definitely something that will happen. Charlie Crown DAO?

So happy to have you here!

Use Of Funds

Below you will find a detailed list of how I plan to spend the funds acquired through this crowdfund. The amounts are subject to change and in nature not accurate, but I’ll do my best to further share how this budget is being allocated through a crowdfund specific channel on my Discord server.

In hopes of being transparent and bring you all along the journey, all funds will be custodied on a separate wallet I created for this crowdfund alone and I’ll be sharing when and how any payments are made. You can find and follow the address below.

  • Cover Art: $200
  • Photo Shoot: $750
  • Lyric Video Animation: ~$1800
  • Marketing & Promotion: $6000 - $7000
  • NFTs: ~$700
  • Remix Package: $1200
  • Mastering: $250
  • Artist Fees: ~$800

I plan to keep around $1000 for 1 month personal expenses; the approximate time that’s going to take to produce this body of work.

ETH Address: 0xFc07fF37dCc16381DF865EDD95B9BDD9d9123Dc2

The Plan

  • November 9 - Crowdfund goes live.
  • Crowdfund ends 5 days after soft cap is accomplished. After which a snapshot is taken to claim POAPs.
  • ‘Thank You’ NFT available to claim 1-2 after crowdfund is closed.
  • 4-6 weeks after crowdfund ends - ‘Just Say it feat. Helen Tess’ out everywhere
  • Catalog auction goes live 2 days before release + Track released exclusively on Audius.
  • 2 days before release - video goes live on Glass exclusively for $SAYIT holders + video auction launched.
  • 2 weeks after official release - video available everywhere.
  • 2 weeks after release - remaining NFT auction goes live on Foundation.
  • 4-5 weeks after release - Remix package release date.

Final thoughts

I’m really excited about this experiment and optimist about the future of this new economy. I’m even more excited to have you here!

Thank you so much for contributing to this crowdfund and becoming a pillar of the future Charlie Crown community. This clearly wound’t be possible without your support.

Join us on Discord here:

Listen on Soundcloud: